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Employee Training Program

Online information security, privacy, & compliance training that's easy and affordable for every organization

Our unique employee training center program allows every business of every size to have a complete, professional online training system and provide expert, interactive employee training on:

  • Information security
  • Privacy
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Identity theft & identity fraud
  • Fraud prevention
  • PCI / DSS
  • Certification exam preparation

Create a Free Employee Training Center

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Employee Training Program Overview & Benefits

Setting up your free online employee training center couldn’t be faster or easier.


Our goal is simple: To help organizations large and small provide critical information security, privacy, and compliance training for their employees - and make the entire process as easy and affordable as possible, regardless of size or budget.


Start today - Train today. With a free employee training center account, in one minute or less you can quickly and easily establish your organization's own complete online employee training center, with the training courses you need and full compliance tracking - fully functional and ready to use.

You'll immediately enjoy the following benefits:

Training Management Dashboard
No I.T. or Support Requirements
  • 60 second set-up - ready to use immediately!
  • No need to purchase, license, or configure expensive learning management systems - save thousands!
  • Fully hosted with 365 day/year student support for your employees
    - all included!
  • Train employees 24/7 - online, on-demand, anywhere!
Full Compliance Tracking
& Reporting
  • Access live reports on your employees individually or company-wide
  • View all employee training history, course progress, and completions
  • "Out of Compliance" reports ensure training requirements are met
  • Certificates of completion
  • Retain & retrieve permanent employee training records for compliance documentation needs and audits
No Contracts or Minimum Purchase Requirements
  • No upfront costs, no subscription fees, and no minimums!
  • Train 1 employee or 100,000+ employees
  • Select the training you want to provide your employees. Your only cost is for the training you actually use!
  • Purchase single courses as needed, or buy training credits in bulk for additional savings
Simplified Training Management
  • Complete learning management system
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Full training center dashboard
  • Instant access to a full course catalog of engaging & interactive employee training courses
  • Quickly & easily add employees and assign required training
Additional Benefits & Options


Our unique online training center allows your organization to deliver and manage world-class employee training, regardless of size. Stop struggling with your compliance training and the costs of multiple solutions and over-priced systems and training providers.


One solution for multiple compliance training needs 
Our training center includes the employee training your organization needs for information security, privacy, PCI awareness, HIPAA, Red Flags Rule, and more.


Do you have turnover or seasonal / temporary employees? 
Purchase training credits in advance to take advantage of volume pricing. Your credits do not expire and can be used to immediately assign training to new hires when needed. Your training records for every employee are retained for ongoing compliance tracking.


Do you have a lot of employees? 
We can set them up for you and save valuable staff time. And... with our volume discounts and enterprise pricing, the more you train, the more you save.


Have your own courses or materials? 
Our SCORM compliant LMS can be leveraged to host your internal training materials as well. Contact us for details.


  Now that we have your attention... 
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Start training like you mean it

Information security risks are real. Your employee training should be as well.


You have to provide it, but information security, privacy, and compliance training are more than check box items on an audit sheet. In today's world, they are critical components of managing organizational risk and protecting your clients and customers. We believe that if you expend time and resources to provide employee training, it should be effective, impact behavior, and produce results.

Real training for real results. Our professional training courses are engaging and interactive, and follow sound, established principles of adult learning. Real world scenarios, knowledge checks, and assessments reinforce and validate learning. The end results are informed employees who are better prepared to make information security and privacy protection decisions that lower risks to your organization and help protect your clients and customers.


An entire library of available courses in one location allows you to provide the training you need to address multiple requirements.


Provide employee training for information security, privacy, PCI security awareness, HIPAA, Red Flags Rule, and more. You can even expand on your basic requirements with additional security training for remote and mobile workers, address employee social media and BYOD (bring your own device) concerns, or provide certification exam preparation.


Training Course Catalog


Training Management Dashboard
Goodbye boring Powerpoint, hello interactive training

Start delivering real training that produces real results. No more ineffective Powerpoint training with walls of text and clip art that only put your employees to sleep and wastes time and resources.

Your employees will thank you, and your organization will benefit from better trained employees.

Training Management Dashboard
Your employees can get in, get trained, & get back to business

We know "time is money", so the training center is easy and intuitive for your employees. They can log in, view, and complete their required training from anywhere, 24 hours a day, with just an internet connection. Instant certificates of completion are provided upon successful completion, and we provide support 365 days/year if they ever have a problem or question.


Powerful training management that's easy and intuitive

Eliminate the headaches and expense of training management & compliance reporting


Don't let the price (free!) fool you. We know the ability to easily track, manage, and document your employee training is critical. Our SCORM compliant training center is powerful and robust, with all the tools you need, but is designed to be simple and intuitive for even the most novice training managers. No more struggling with over-priced or complex training systems that are difficult to use and only add more time and expense to your training budget.

Our training center dashboard puts everything at your fingertips, and makes training management and compliance tracking a breeze. We even eliminate the expense and need for your staff to provide training support, with 7/365 support for your employees included!


Training Management Dashboard
Simple & intuitive Training Management Dashboard

From the Training Management Dashboard, your training manager can easily manage employees, assign training, and run live, up-to-the-minute training reports for compliance.

All primary training management tasks are quickly accessed and performed. Quick Start Guides, training manager support, and other helpful resources keep your training program running smoothly.

Training Management Dashboard
A complete library of training courses

A complete training library of engaging and interactive training courses is instantly available. Select and assign the training you want your employees to complete. Volume discounts and enterprise pricing are available on most courses.

Buy training courses as needed, or purchase training credits in bulk for even greater savings.

Training Management Dashboard
Employee training reports at your fingertips

The Reports Dashboard provides instant access to employee training reports, training history, certificates of completion, compliance reports, and more!

View live training and compliance reports on individual employees, groups of employees, or your entire organization.

Training Management Dashboard
Annual training required for compliance?

Many regulations mandate annual compliance training for your employees, and our training center makes it easy to stay on top of your required training.

The built-in Out of Compliance report lets you instantly know which employees need to complete training.


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Custom Solutions


Want your own completely dedicated online training center, with your own URL and fully branded for your organization? 
Contact us for details.


Need customized training materials or delivery solutions? 
Contact us to discuss your unique training needs.

Training Management Dashboard