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Safe Remote and Mobile Computing Training for Employees

Essential information security training for all remote and traveling employees.


A single careless action by just one employee can trigger a myriad of costly data breach notification and remediation requirements, regulatory fines and penalties, litigation, and negative publicity.


Train your employees to keep your organization's data safe while out of the office.

Safe remote and mobile computing trainingEducating employees on safe remote and mobile computing practices is critical for information security and maintaining a trustworthy reputation with customers.


Remote and mobile computing allows employees and professionals to carry on business outside the confines of the traditional office environment; but, working outside of a secure office environment also increases the risk of information being lost or compromised. Extra precautions are needed to keep mobile devices, and the information stored on them, safe and secure.


Safe remote and mobile computing trainingIn today’s fast-paced work environment, employees rely on mobile devices to access information and stay connected when they’re away from the office, and the BYOD (bring your own device) trend has taken the workplace by storm. However, many employees don’t realize that minor decisions and careless actions taken when working remotely - such as not password protecting their phone, connecting to a public wi-fi hotspot, or leaving their laptop unattended - can have an enormous impact on the information security of their entire organization.


This engaging and interactive course provides training on important “best practice” data protection principles and secure computing safeguards for employees and professionals who travel and work remotely. This critical knowledge can help protect your organization from financial loss, legal problems, fines, and damaged relationships.

Knowledge checks, interactive learning activities, and real world scenarios maintain your employees' attention, add additional relevance to the training, and reinforce the employee's understanding of his or her role and responsibilities in safeguarding information and devices.


View the full course outline and features below.


Course Features

  30-45 minutes

 Full Interactivity

  Real World Scenarios

  Premium Audio &
    Professional Narration

  Certificate of Completion

  Compliance Tracking

compliance documentation

Full Compliance Documentation
The training is managed, documented, & verified through your employee training center, including certificates of completion and full reporting.



General, all employees, remote employees, managers, supervisors, consultants, and independent contractors



Course Outline

Safe Remote and Mobile Computing Training



Lesson 1:  Realizing the Risk

  • Real People, Real Stories
  • Risk Awareness Overview
  • Your Role in Securing Information
  • The True Costs of a Security Breach
  • Knowledge Check
  • Lesson Summary


Lesson 2:  Working Remotely

  • Introduction
  • Securing Your Home Office
  • Safeguard Work on the Road
  • Protecting USB Flash Drives
  • Connecting Securely to Networks
  • Reporting Incidents
  • Knowledge Check
  • Lesson Summary


Lesson 3:  Securing Information

  • Introduction
  • Identifying Information at Risk
  • Using Strong Passwords
  • Software Security
  • Knowledge Check
  • Lesson Summary




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Safe remote and mobile computing training screenshot 2








Safe remote and mobile computing training screenshot 3

Course Features

30-45 minutes
 Full Interactivity
Real World Scenarios
Premium Audio & Narration
Instant Certificate of Completion
Full Compliance Tracking



The training concludes with a short assessment to gauge and document the employee's understanding.


A certificate of completion is generated upon successful completion.

Safe Remote & Mobile Computing
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